FAQs for Community Sewers and Drivers

Where do I find COVID-19 information for Haliburton County?

  • All local and up-to-date information on COVID-19 as it relates to the Haliburton community can he found here.

I want to sew masks and gowns from home - how do I contribute?

  • Thank you for your interest in making masks and other PPE for our local healthcare workers.
  • Contact us at sales@tekrider.com to register your interest. We will get back to you within 48 hours.
  • If you want to make masks, all you need is a single needle sewing machine. For gowns and other PPE, a serger and a single needle are required.

Can I use my own fabrics and thread?

  • We will provide cut mask kits (face covering and ties) that meet the specifications required by our healthcare providers. Please feel free to use your own thread.
  • For gowns and PPE made from Level 2 Medical Grade fabrics, we will supply all materials, including thread.

What do my masks have to look like?

  • The design we are using is one for pleated masks, and we provide kits pre-cut to this style. Please see pictures of finished masks here.

My sewing machine is broken. Can you help me get it repaired?

  • We are happy to pick up your machine, get it serviced and return it to you. We will cover the costs of the driver; however the cost to repair the machine is yours to cover.

If I volunteer, can I keep masks I've made for myself and my family?

  • Yes. We are offering each sewer to keep 4 masks at no cost. We really appreciate your contribution to our local healthcare community.

I have completed masks... now what?

  • Please contact us at sales@tekrider.com to arrange a pick-up and to let us know how many more masks you would like to make so we can drop off more kits to you.

Will I be compensated, and how?

  • We are offering $1.50 for each mask, and $7.00 for each gown. We can only pay for items that meet the requirements our healthcare providers have set for us, so it is important that you carefully follow the sewing instructions that we provide with each kit.

Is there an option to work full- or part-time?

  • Yes! We are looking for full- and part-time employees for both mask and PPE production. Please contact sales@tekrider.com to learn more.

I wish to forego my compensation and donate my time to charity... can I do this?

  • Thank you for your generosity. We are partnering with local food banks in the Haliburton area to donate the money we would have otherwise paid our sewers.

I can't sew but want to help. How can I do this?

  • We are also on the lookout for drivers. Email us at sales@tekrider.com to offer your services.

I am a driver. How will I be compensated?

  • We are reimbursing drivers for mileage at 0.25$ a kilometre. We provide a log book for drivers to keep track of how much they have driven. As with our sewers, if you wish to forego payment to donate to a local food bank, we will do this on your behalf.
  • Drivers will be provided with an Essential Service authorization letter signed by the Haliburton County Warden Liz Danielson, authorizing Tekrider to engage the services of drivers for PPE pickup and delivery duties. The OPP are aware of our activities.

What safety precautions are you following?

  • Safety of everyone involved is a priority.
  • We have hand sanitizer available for all drivers who request a bottle.
  • There is no contact between staff at Tekrider, drivers and sewers at drop-offs and pick-ups.

What if I volunteer and my circumstances change. How do I opt out?

  •  Just let us know. We are grateful for what you have been able to do!

Who will be receiving my masks?

  • Our orders are primarily from healthcare providers in hospitals, dental clinics and in the community. Some masks are being used by people who work in fire safety, seniors residences or in community services.

Why is Tekrider charging hospitals and community organizations for masks and other PPE?

  • Tekrider is selling all PPE at the price it costs us to make it. This includes materials (both cotton and Medical Grade), transportation, cutting and minimal office coordination costs. We are also keeping people employed at a time when many are out of work, and we are contributing to local food banks for home sewers and drivers who wish to donate their time. We love that many people and organizations are also making masks and donating them to local organizations. Thank you! We are grateful for everyone pitching in, in which ever way they prefer. This is what makes our community great!