Ontario Off Road Jersey

Our Enduro jersey is made by us right here in Canada. It is made from premium Canadian and American materials. 
The jersey is designed to allow maximum airflow while still being highly durable. The body and under sleeves are built from heavy duty open mesh for maximum ventilation and durability. While the sleeve tops are made from heavy duty, moisture wicking, solid fabric.
This is not a cheap throw away single season jersey, this jersey will last multiple seasons and many crashes, I know mine has 😉. This was designed by riders for riders, simple and effective, no gimmicks. The jersey is custom dye sublimated in house, full graphic customization available. If you do not fit within most sizing we can custom tailor as well for a perfect fit.
Retail $200 CAD (+taxes and shipping)
This is the Official Custom Designed Jersey for the Ontario Off Road Rally for Charity 
25% of all sales with be donated to V-42 Foundation -

A Charity after our own heart -

LCol Steve Brand CD (Ret'd) QOR of C
Cpl Kevin Brand - serving HAST PER
Custom Designed by Tekvest
Those who serve in Canadian Special Operations Forces (CANSOF) subject themselves and their families to stresses and situations only those who experience them can understand and appreciate.  Unpredictable deployments, extremely volatile environments and classified operations all contribute to the need for unique support mechanisms beyond those already provided.

By responding to the personal struggles and crises of CANSOF members rapidly and thoughtfully, The V-42 Foundation helps create peace of mind for those who so selflessly serve to create that very same peace for our nation and all who live here.  Our foundation shares the same motivation as the people we support.  We help good prevail.

If you are interested in learning more about this organization, proving financial support, or in need of our services, do not hesitate to contact them by phone at 1-800-866-0692 or email at prevail@v42foundation.com.


ORDER ANYTIME *Free delivery to the Event
ATTENTION: Note from Ontario Off Road Rally for Charity
"This is the Official Custom Designed Jersey for the Ontario Off Road Rally for Charity. Whomever decides to purchase one will not have to pay the registration fee. Part of the jersey proceeds will be donated to V-42! Please check our Fb for more details."