New product launch – 26 DEC 17

A NEW TEKDUSTER PRODUCT The PURPLE PONCHO See the short videos and pictures posted on our website Click on the PONCHO tab 



This is a new “soft launch” of a great idea with a limited number of good customers who are willing to work with us and give us good feedback. This is a non-stretch, precision fit product. Waterproof/breathable rip-stop, nylon material. An ideal touring product. Weighs less than a pound and rolls up into the size of a small rain jacket. No more frozen motel towel contraptions while on tour☺

Brando writes; “ I gave up dragging a cover around on tour years ago. Always too bulky for sleds that are getting bigger and seem to have less and less storage on them. I always wanted a cover just small enough to cover the windshield and handlebar zone when parked at the motel. Something strong enough to withstand a foot of heavy overnight snow and wind gusts. Something dry enough to keep freezing rain and wet /freezing snow off sled controls, GPS mounts and instruments. Something Power Touring Friendly! Motel towels never worked well enough for me ☺ I think our new TekDuster “Poncho” fits the bill. Simple, practical and rugged. Nowadays we have  many windshield types, handguards, handle bar bends, mountain straps and riser block kits to contend with so be sure to send us some pics and be ready to work back and forth with us from stock dimensions so that we can get your precise fit.

Patterns complete for 2018 Sidewinder with OEM medium and tall windshields, stock bars and risers. We have allowed room for smaller handguards. Next week we will be fitting the Rev GEN4 and REV-XRS (GEN3) chassis. We will then move to Polaris. We will be concentrating on new chassis sleds only for now.

Built by the same team that has been making TekVest product since 1996 – made right here in Minden, Ontario, Canada. Limited release - limited availability, 15 Jan 18.

Book yours now online with a $50 deposit.

One color option only for now - our classic ***PURPLE! $125 CAD. **** We have a lot of this classic Highway Star Purple in stock which is why we can offer it at a lower price. We already know this fabric is tough enough for the job after many years of use here at Tekrider on other products.

We will also offer a FLASH custom design upgrade. $199 CAD. Your graphics, name or number included in this price. A great way to find your sled in the morning and discourage light fingered types.

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This product is not available through our regular e-commerce site
SOME FLASH DESIGNS for inspiration. $199 CAD
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