Built to Outlast the Cold

Ski-Doo's TrailMaster TekVest

TekVest is proud to announce that Bombardier (BRP) is the exclusive provider of Ski-Doo's TrailMaster TekVest in Grey "Digi" Pattern as seen above. BRP can provide you with sizes XS - S - M - L - XL - 2XL - 3XL!



Tekrider can provide the Ski-Doo TrailMaster in sizes Kids, Youth, 4XL, 5XL!
For ANY other sizes, colours, and customisation options of the TrailMaster, please contact

TekVest's TrailMaster


^TekVest's STEALTH TrailMaster^

This new model, the 2020 TrailMaster TekVest was inspired by smart phone cold weather performance, or rather the frustrating lack thereof, that we have suffered through for years.
It seems no matter what smart phone device we have, no matter what their specs say, cold weather performance degrades quickly when snowmobiling.
Even with a new, fully-charged battery, the screen on most phones will often shut down to protect the phone in cold weather. No battery boost can overcome the screen shutdown.
Everyone’s had that moment when the perfect shot arises and you whip out a non-responsive frozen phone and get maybe one picture before it dies. Grrrrr.
We know that batteries and screens will perform better when warm. So where’s the best place to carry your device? On your body or on your sled? With these experiences in mind TekVest has figured out a solution. We think the best place to carry your phone, and maybe even your emergency devices (Spot/InReach), is on your body. If you’re ever separated from the sled your devices stay with you. Therefore why not carry these devices in a TekVest?
So, we took our long-serving SuperSport chassis and upgraded the 2-stage pocket system to work with the typical media devices in use today. We vented the armor plate immediately behind each of the 2 pockets. This will enable enough of your own body heat to escape into the inner pocket system and warm your devices. This inner pocket is top loaded and is insulated to retain heat. There are 2 vertical slots in each of the 2 inner pocket big enough for today’s devices. The outer pockets utilize our long-established, reverse-entry, zippered design for quick trail side access. To increase the heat source one can easily use one of those chemical pocket warmers. All in all we think it’s a logical way to make use of your own body heat and our insulated pocket system. The pockets are roomy enough to hold up to 4 smart phones/battery boosters in a vertical position. A perfect spot for Go Pro batteries, etc. and still leave enough room for a small wallet or trail map. Lots of room for those personal medications that must stay warm. We have also included some D Rings and other attachment points that can be used if you want to tether or mount a device to them.
Check out our new dye-sublimated DigiTek graphical design that will be available in 5 colorways. You can still customize the graphics for an additional cost. Just send us your ideas. This is a new model and only available factory-direct. It will be a limited run.
It is only available on-line at Orders placed by November 30th with a 50% deposit will be shipped by Christmas.
Go to our website to see a video and feel free to send any questions you may have to
If you have to be somewhere Monday Morning you should be thinking about a TekVest!