TekVest's DNA


-TekVest's race-tested soft-armor configuration provides unparalleled safety

-Special hand-laminated foam & UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight) panels deliver a light-weight, thin profile

-UHMW plastic is 8 x more cut resistance than HDPE

-Meets or exceeds ISR safety standards. Optional arm pads required for some racing types.


-Can be custom designed and tailormade

-Flash your TekVest with custom graphics or logos

-Works best with 3-in-1 jackets with vents and zip out linings

-Acts as a mid-layer clothing option

-All TekVest models are designed to wear over bibs and under jackets for winter use

-TekVest's closed-cell foam does NOT absorb water


-TekVests will mold to your body shape over time

-An excellent wind stopper and insulating product

-“Electric blanket”- type warmth for lower back and kidney areas for cold weather riding

-Able to loosen side adjustments to flow more air, or run it tight to trap heat on cold/wet days

-Easily adjusted to wear in summer conditions and can be worn on the outside. 100% synthetic. 

-Easily cleaned with mild soap and water spray


I couldn’t imagine how it would have turned out if I decided to keep my vest at the campsite that day, and I will not ride without it from here on out!

Ryan M, Knoxville, TN

A TekVest would not have prevented the crash but it sure would have lessened the damage and over $100,000 hospital bill.

Georgia and Jim Piilola 05 Dec 18

I’ve put my trust in TekVest since the beginning of my professional career. It’s clear Tekrider is passionate about making quality products to protect both racers and recreational riders. The performance and safety of a TekVest is unmatched.

Tucker Hibbert, X Games Gold Medalist

The TekVest helps me ride better because I feel more protected while I wear it. It is like a helmet for your body and just like a helmet, I feel naked if I don't wear it now.


The [TekVest] saved me today and I'll never ride without it again. Thank you so much for this quality piece of equipment.

George, Sledcore Mulisha